Programmes Still Open Across Europe
Written on Thursday, 29 June 2017 20:42

Below, is a selection of programmes still open for entry 2017. Other programmes are available beyond this selection: Check with EUNiCAS for further choices.


- Hague UAS

- Hanze UAS

- InHolland UAS (Innovation Management)

- Rotterdam Business School

- Saxion UAS

- Saxion UAS (Fashion)

- Stenden UAS (Hotel Management)

- Stenden UAS (Marketing)

- Windesheim (Global Change Management)

- U. Torino



- Hanze UAS

Computer Science/IT

- Hanze UAS (Game Design)

- U. Tilburg (Data Science) July 1st

- U. Twente (Computer Science) July 1st


- Fontys UAS (Mechanical Engineering)

- Hague UAS (Industrial Design)

- HAN UAS (Automotive Engineering)

- HZ UAS (Civil Engineering)

- InHolland UAS (Aeronautical Engineering)

- U. Twente (Advanced Technology) July 1st

- U. Twente (Electrical Engineering) July 1st


- InHolland UAS (Music & Entertainment Management)

- U. Maastricht (Arts & Culture)


- MU Bialystok

- MU Lodz

- Nicholas Copernicus University

- Università degli Studi di Bologna

- Università degli Studi di Milano

- Università degli Studi di Pavia

- Università degli Studi di Roma ‘La Sapienza’

- Università degli di Bari

- Seconda Università degli Studi di  Napoli


- Università degli Studi di Roma ‘Tor Vergata’


- Avans UAS (Environmental)

- HZ UAS (Chemistry)

- Johannes Kepler U (Biochemistry)

- Leipzig U (Physics)

- U. Maastricht (Biomedical Sciences)

- U. Twente (Applied Maths) July 1st

Social Sciences

- Hague UAS (International Law)

- U. Ca Foscari (Philosophy & International Relations)

- U. Maastricht (European Law)

- U. Maastricht (European Studies)

- U. Warsaw (Psychology)


- Stenden UAS (Primary Teaching)

Veterinary Science

- Warsaw ULS July 7th

- Wroclaw UELS

Note: vacant places in Denmark due to be announced on 30th July

Dutch Universities Want To Meet You in Ireland
Written on Wednesday, 28 June 2017 23:04

Further to the successful 'OMG We're Going Dutch' events, earlier in the year, a large group of Dutch universities are returning to Ireland in October, with events in Cork, Galway and Dublin. The fact that they are taking the trouble to come to Ireland to meet Irish students (and their families) is unsurprising in the context of the expected numbers of Irish students expecting to be enrolled on programmes in the Netherlands by September: numbers are expected to exceed 1000.



This is another great opportunity to meet and talk to Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (see individual event details for those universities travelling). You will be able to discuss a wide range of matters, including teaching and learning styles, programme content, entry requirements and financial concerns. Most importantly, many of the universities will be bringing with them Irish students who are already studying in the Netherlands. It is expected that these events will be launched by the Dutch Ambassador, and will include presentations by employers.

To book for these events, which are available at no charge, go here:

23rd October CORK

24th October GALWAY

25th October DUBLIN

EUNiCAS will of course be at all these events to deal with any questions that you may have, about studying in the Netherlands, or elsewhere.

Irish Students Loving It (and tell you why)
Written on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 22:17


Eight Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences are in Cork (17th May) Register here for Cork and Dublin (18th May) Register here for Dublin. A great chance to discover more about low-cost, high-quality employment-focused opportunities for studying in the Netherlands. Meet Irish students currently studying there, This is what they have to say:

Mind-blowing, Groningen is an experience beyond what i imagined……From a old house in the hills of Ireland, Groningen is a city of varied culture, incredible experiences, fast pace, freedom, independence and challenges.

Tina Geoghegan, Hanze UAS (Fine Art)

I would repeat my decision to move to the Netherlands a thousand times over, best choice I ever made. What I love about studying over here, is that conversations are about politics, current affairs, philosophy and so on. When I go back to Dublin, my friends have been doing the same thing everyday, and conversation can be dull and repetitive. I am not saying that Irish students are stupid, but when you go to a new European city you realise how big the world is and how competitive it is. You either smarten up, or risk been left behind
Danny Ryan, Hague UAS (European Studies)

People often ask me why is it that I decided to come abroad instead of doing my studies in Ireland. Well the answer is simple; the Netherlands offered an affordable, high-quality education which combined both theory and practice and handed me the opportunity to travel and learn throughout my studies. In addition to all that, while my time here so far has been challenging, that I cannot deny, overall it has been both an exciting and inspiring adventure which has opened many doors and one which I know for sure will open many more in the future.
Jason O’Dwyer,
Rotterdam Business School (International Business)

Danny Ryan, Hague UAS European Studies

I wanted to learn more languages, and to live abroad whilst improving my business skills and IBL in HZ provided me with the perfect opportunity to fulfil these wishes. At the end of this course I hope to be able to speak five languages to a high level, plus lots of other languages I have started to learn from my international friends.
Rory Clarke, HZ UAS (Intl Business & Languages)

Living away from home I have learned to become so much more independent. Since the university is situated in a great area in Europe, you are open to many opportunities to travel. In addition, The Netherlands for me has worked out to be cheaper than studying back home in Ireland. I really enjoyed the opportunity to perform in a real physiotherapy clinic in first year as it confirmed my love for the profession. Over the past year I have thoroughly enjoyed student life in The Netherlands.
Ciara McKenna, Saxion UAS (Physiotherapy)

Ciara McKenna, Saxion UAS Physiotherapy

The surprise on the faces of people when I tell them I study in Holland is not unusual. More often than not I get asked the question “why study abroad and why Holland?”. Studying abroad is a very unusual concept in Ireland although I do believe the amount of young people leaving Ireland to study is increasing. My answer is “why not?”. The list of reasons why studying abroad is endless and is one of the greatest experiences of your life. I was sold on the idea of studying at Stenden University after attending the Higher Options in the RDS and listening to a presentation by EUNiCAS. I moved to the Netherlands, the following year, feeling both excited and nervous. Everything was so structured and put together so well that the transition was extremely easy. I had no problem with settling in as everyone was so nice, not only in the college but also the city itself. I was completely surprised with how much I have enjoyed student life in the Netherlands. It is a completely different experience form Ireland. For example, going out is not the same at all. In Ireland going out is a big event whereas here its very relaxed and very enjoyable.

The college itself is quite different from the average college or university in Ireland. Firstly, the college offers a lot of support to their students. As an international student they understand that it can be difficult to adjust to a new system and new surroundings so teachers are very helpful and approachable if you have a problem. The classes are much smaller. Their method of learning is known as PBL which stands for problem based learning. Its a great way to learn and focuses on real world experiences meaning you get a taste of what work would actually be like after your studies. What initially impressed me about Stenden University was that they didn't ask me how many points I had or was aiming for, they asked me what my motivation was, what I was passionate about and why I wanted to go to Stenden. Is this not what its all about?

Emily McGrath , Stenden UAS (Hotel Management)

Emily McGrath, Stenden UAS

Application deadline1st May for many programmes in Dutch Research Universities
Written on Monday, 24 April 2017 21:31

1st May Application Deadline For Many Programmes in Dutch Research Universities

The application deadline for many programmes at Dutch Research Universities is a week today (1st May). There is still plenty of time to apply but make sure that these universities receive your application documents by the time this deadline passes!! The Dutch Research Universities are expecting to have over a thousand Irish students enrolled on their programmes from September 2017!

Included in the programmes  with a 1st May deadline (and this only a selection from those available) are the following:

Actuarial Science
U. Amsterdam
Artificial Intelligence
Raboud U.
Tilburg U.
U. Groningen
Arts, Culture & Media
U. Groningen
Arts & Culture
Erasmus U.
U. Maastricht (recommended, though applications can be considered until 31 July)
Radboud U
Automotive Engineering
TU Eindhoven
Biomedical Sciences
U. Maastricht (recommended, though applications can be considered until 31 July)
U. Groningen
Radboud U
U. Amsterdam
Computer Science
TU Eindhoven
U. Groningen
VU Amsterdam
Electrical Engineering
TU Eindhoiven
English Literature
VU Amsterdam
European Languages
U. Groningen
Erasmus U.
U. Utrecht
International Law
Tilburg U.
U. Groningen
U. Maastricht (recommended, though applications can be considered until 31 July)
International Relations
Leiden U
Liberal Arts & Sciences
U. Groningen
U. Groningen
Molecular Life Sciences
Radboud U
U. Groningen
Leiden U.
Tilburg U.
VU Amsterdam
U. Maastricht

Contact us for support in your applications This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it There are still some programmes at Research Universities, as well as most programmes at Universities of Applied Sciences, where you can apply after 1st May.



Application Deadline Imminent For Some Programmes in the Netherlands
Written on Wednesday, 28 December 2016 21:04

Application Deadline Imminent For Some Programmes in the Netherlands

There are just under 300 undergraduate programmes, taught through English in the Netherlands. Note that the application deadlines for nearly 20 of the programmes are imminent. The application deadline for the following programmes is 15th January 2017:

Aerospace Engineering
TU Delft

Economics & Business Economics
U. Maastricht

Amsterdam UAS

Game Design
NHTV Breda

International Business
Erasmus U.
U. Maastricht
U. Tilburg
VU Amsterdam

International Relations
U. Groningen

U. Groningen
U. Maastricht

Amsterdam UAS
Fontys UAS
Hanze UAS

Radboud U.
U. Groningen
U. Maastricht

Most of the above universities will be in Ireland before this deadline at a series of OMG We're Going Dutch events in Sligo, Dublin and Belfast (10th-12th January 2017) You should register for these events now, for useful advice.

You can also contact EUNiCAS at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for support and advice, to ensure your applications are made properly, and on time.

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